The Association of Certified Meteorologists Continues to Grow Membership.

May 4, 2022

The Association of Certified Meteorologists continues to grow membership. There are several new Consulting Members to introduce.

Associate members are increasing as well. ACM welcomes Jennifer Call, CCM; Patricia Parker Lawson, CCM; Carrie Suffern, CCM and Craig Setzer!

Congratulations to all the new members! We look forward to the contributions and involvement these members bring to ACM.

ACM is an organization with four levels of membership – consulting, associate, affiliate, and retired. All consulting members of ACM are Certified Consulting Meteorologists of the American Meteorological Society. Associate members are meteorologists, students and professionals, that do not consult as their primary job. Affiliate members constitute people with professional interests that intersect with the climate and weather enterprise. Retired members are consulting members that consult less than 25% of full time.

If you are interested in joining ACM, you can learn more about the membership levels here:
Membership Information