Meet ACM Member Brock Burghardt of Atmospheric, LLC

Published: December 9, 2022

Brock currently works in business, product development at Synoptic Data and as the founding consultant at Atmospheric, LLC. These positions involve a combination of sales, marketing, research, and technical development for a wide array of customers. Brock says that “Helping people, and specifically, helping people to understand, prepare, and respond to weather is at the core of my being”. His passion for weather developed at a young age growing up in Wisconsin, getting to experience both winter and summer storms, and only expanded as he studied atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Texas Tech University, while also getting to participate in several field projects. Now living out west, Brock's passion includes mountain meteorology in addition to severe convective and extratropical storms. Brock is excited to join ACM and expand his professional consulting career with ACM, and looks forward to meeting everyone. Please welcome Brock and reach out with any questions, or potential collaborative work!