ACM Members Presenting at the AMS Annual Conference

January 18, 2022

Members of ACM are very active in the meteorological community and within the American Meteorological Society (AMS). ACM is very proud of the engagement of its membership in the AMS Annual Meeting. The AMS Annual Meeting is virtual this year and runs January 23rd to January 27th, 2022. Below are ACM members presenting at the AMS Annual Meeting with date, time, title and abstract. To access presentations, register for the AMS Annual Meeting at:

Bill Conway
Bill Conway, CCM

Date and Time: ARAM Conference

Title: Paper 10.1 - The Launch Weather Decision Support System: A Comprehensive Meteorological Package for Range and Spaceport Operations

Abstract: LWDSS is an all-inclusive meteorological package with profiling instrumentation, weather radars, high-resolution WRF modeling, lightning monitoring, 24/7 and day of launch forecasting support for commercial ranges and spaceports. Goal is to provide as closely as possible a commercial version of the Space Force 45th Weather Squadron type mission support to non-government launch facilities.

Date and Time: ARAM Conference

Title: Paper 3.6 - Wind and Thermodynamic Profiling System for Enhanced Airport Operations Safety

Abstract: The WTPS is an instrumentation package that includes an atmospheric profiling system, wind shear detection algorithms, automated alerts, meteorological and ATC displays that provide forecasters and ATC personnel with automated wind shear warnings based on ICAO requirements. Several systems are in use at international airports and two systems were recently delivered to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. WTPS can be installed at any airport in the world.


Nolan Davis
Nolan David, CCM

Date and Time: 1:45pm, Monday January 24th in the 10th Symposium on Building a Weather-Ready Nation.

Title: Lightning Safety at Large Venues: The Nashville, Tennessee, Garth Brooks Concert of July 31, 2021

Dr Pam Knox
Dr. Pam Knox, Ph.D., CCM

Date and Time: 5pm to 6:30pm, Tuesday January 25th.

Title: Using Tabletop Exercises to Improve Planning for Extreme Weather Poster Session

Abstract: Emergency managers and other groups are often poorly prepared to deal with developing extreme weather events. This poster will describe how tabletop exercises are designed and provide two sample tabletop exercises used to provide event-based training to improve planning for future extreme events.


Randall Bass
Randall Bass, CCM

Date and Time: 9:15am Monday, January 24th

Title: Federal Aviation Administration Services Update for the Environmental Information Processing Technologies in the Services Update Session

Abstract: Ongoing efforts of organizations within the FAA that research, produce or consume weather information in support of maintaining a safe and efficient National Airspace System, as well as future plans over the next 15 years

Date and Time: Wednesday afternoon during the poster session in the ARAM conference.

Poster Session: Author on Benefits of Aviation Weather Research Beyond Aviation.


Dr Stephen Hanna
Dr. Stephen Hanna, Ph.D., CCM

Date and Time: 3:45pm Monday January 24th in the 22nd Joint Conference on the Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology with the A&WMA

Title: Boundary Layer Meteorology Aspects of the Jack Rabbit Chlorine and Anhydrous Ammonia Dispersion Field Studies

Session Title: Laboratory and Field Experiments of Atmospheric Dispersion Processes


Steve Harned
Steve Harned, CCM

Date and Time: 1:30pm, Monday January 24th in the 7th Symposium on US-International Partnerships

Title: An International Meteorological Forensic Case Involving Five Countries: USA, UK, Russia, Latvia, and Canada

Abstract: The author was retained by a UK law firm in London who were representing a Russian insurance company disputing a claim by one of their policy holders, a Latvian shipping firm claiming damages suffered by one of its tankers in icy Canadian waters.

This presentation highlights the steps taken navigating the challenges of acquiring needed international meteorological and oceanographic data plus learning how to operate within differing international law and business systems. The journey culminated with testimony given in an admiralty court in London.