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The classes, rights, privileges, qualifications, obligations, and manner of election or appointment of Members are as follows:

The Members of the Council shall consist of such individuals, and individuals representing associations, partnerships, corporations, or other organizations, who are engaged or otherwise have a vital interest in the private practice of consulting or industrial meteorology, who have the capabilities and resources necessary to serve industry, commerce, and/or the specialized needs of the public, and who from time to time hereafter may be elected Members in the manner provided herein and provided by the By-laws.

Admission to membership in this Council shall be, after nomination as provided by the By-laws, by affirmative vote of Directors holding at least two-thirds of the Directorships, and, thereafter, only upon full payment of dues. Any Member who shall fail to comply with the requirements of this Constitution, with the By-laws or with the rules and regulations or Statement of Policy and Code of Ethics made pursuant thereto, may, after a hearing by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof, be censured, suspended, or expelled by an affirmative vote of Directors holding at least two-thirds of the Directorships. By a majority vote of a quorum of Directors at any regular or special meeting of Directors, members may be expelled or suspended, without hearing, whenever dues are ninety or more days in arrears.